I Am Love

I am love.

Capable and true.

Arms wrap tightly,

Lips brush gently,

Words caress surely.


I am heartache.

Justified and brash.

Arms flail wildly,

Lips utter cruelly,

Words sting deeply.


I am loneliness.

Weary and contrite.

Arms invite desperately,

Lips quiver ruefully,

Words seek clemency.


I am imperfection.

Emotive and fretful.

Arms clutch intensely,

Lips bitten restlessly,

Words swirl silently.


I am vulnerability.

Sensitive and aching.

Arms expose defencelessly,

Lips part prayerfully,

Words disappear meaningfully.


I am hope.

Aspirant and purposeful.

Arms reach boundlessly,

Lips mouth encouragingly,

Words empower gracefully.


I am self-awareness.

Accountable and mindful.

Arms stretch welcomingly,

Lips soften reassuringly,

Words accept unconditionally.


I am love.

Gentle and understanding.

Arms embrace supportively,

Lips forgive instantly,

Words share empathetically.

I, Alone

It is at once freeing and suffocating; the reality that I cannot be fully understood. Because, I alone know….

The memories created by fragrance,
The shivers initiated by touch.
The excitement held in my heaving chest,
The flutters of my heart.
And the unbearable lightness of loving.

The beauty my eyes behold,
The warmth held in my heart,
The intentions behind each word.
The joy experienced in pleasure;
Not my own, but yours.
And the desires amassed in my spirit.