You Are Within Me

Within the empty space of my chest grows something beautiful.
Like a delicate jasmine blossom opening only at night when no one is watching; leaving behind an intense, fragrant reminder of life that bloomed in the darkness.

Within the caverns of my mind an imprint is made.
Like the unique footprints left behind in fine, wet sand; washed away by the tide but never forgotten.

Within the fullness of my body surges something electric.
As lightning strikes so quickly yet sends rumbles across great distances; leaving its spectator anxiously awaiting the next encounter.

Silver and Honey

You’re so splendid.
Perfectly put together.
All or nothing,
And only the best.

Silver and honey.
Taste impeccable.
Deep and skillful,
Yet unrecognized.

Dreams and torture.
Nights spent turning.
Your name on my lips,
And an aftertaste.

Near but so far.
Impossibly joined.
Silver and honey,
Forever desired.

Prayer of One Broken

Set my soul on fire,
Make me yearn for your heart,
And let go of my fear.

Fill my heart with grace,
Allow me to live in forgiveness,
Knowing you will fill the holes.

Empty my mind of earthly thoughts,
Give me the strength to let go of myself,
And live selflessly as you did.

Show me the path to salvation,
Teach me to sacrifice,
How to walk in peace and love.

Fool’s Dance

I dance this fool’s dance,
Against my better judgment,
Like a death wish,
Feet on the edge of a cliff.
Abandoned in my entirety,
Careless of the consequences,
This feels so good,
Plunging towards you in my mind.
Pedal to the floor,
Racing towards uncertainty,
Wayward in my direction,
Certain of my desired destination.
I want to stop thinking,
Act like the world is ending,
Like the sky is set on fire,
Keep dancing this fool’s dance.


I don’t see my reflection in those eyes of yours….like a window to an intricate world I don’t recognize….infinitely bright, mysterious, alluring….so I linger there, enticed but terrified.

Feels like I’m wading slowly into hot salty water, sliding my feet through the sand below….skin tingles as it inches up toward my face….nearly drowning in this sea….I never imagined drowning could feel so good.

Have to pause, close my eyes, and take a deep breath….seems the only way to cope with this….I want to run far away or get in the car and drive for days….this aching I feel coerces me to stay.

Moments eternal

Memories of silk and lace,
Sunshine warming hearts,
A covenant of love,
And hope that sprang eternal.

Clinging to trust and safety
The desire for something more,
A promise of change,
And a heart of rooms unfurnished.

Illusions of need and yearning,
The immutable pain of longing,
A union superficial,
And moments suspended in time.

Time stands still

You lie in my arms, warm and safe.
Here, time stands still.
These precious moments I photograph with my mind’s eye.
Like a porcelain doll, so soft and perfect.
I want to keep you here forever,
Sleeping in this rocking chair,
Innocent and peaceful.
Beautiful in your simplicity,
Yet profound is your capacity for love.
Stay with me forever,
Teach me how to love you,
Let’s make time stand still.




I lost myself

In the power of your eyes…

Your relentless magnetism lures me.


I surrendered myself

To the authority of your body…

The force of your drive draws me deep.


I abandoned myself

In the labyrinth of your heart…

Your elusiveness has me bewildered.


I found myself

In the profundity of your soul…

The depth of your core grants me refuge.