Mother, Friend.

When I sit in caverns deep,

In darkness knit by life’s defeats,

As disappointment wears me thin,

I look above and light streams in.


You lift me up from puddles vast,

Remind me from whom I was cast,

With wisdom and commitment true,

You build me up and push me through.


With earnestness, your ears do hear,

Your shoulders broad, they bear my fear,

You do not judge or reprimand,

Your sole desire, to lend your hand.


And when I’m reaching for the sky,

You embolden, lift me high.

My ally and great devotee,

You spread my wings, then set me free.


Painful Reflection

Mirrors are broken by painful reflections;

You see me with eyes closed.

Your shards of glass cut me deeply;

Unforgivingly, they slice across wounds.

Bitterly, you speak a biased regret,

Killing beautiful memories which held promise

Of healing and gratitude.

Set you Free

Fear not the future,

Grasp not the pain of the past.

I can set you free.


Puddle of Kindness

In this puddle of kindness, my beauty is found;

My identity reflects, clear.

You push me into it and cause ripples,

And I see myself no more.


Heart Wide Open

My arms are open wide,

Find respite in my breast.

My ears embrace your pain,

Find rescue in my mind.

My heart gathers your tears,

Find lightness in their release.

My spirit accepts you wholly,

Find liberation in my love.