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I am a woman who is passionate about living a life that matters and I try to pour myself fully into everything I do and everyone in my life. I believe that life is full of beauty, but sometimes, it shows up disguised as difficulty and pain….which leads us to learn incredible and profound lessons and grow in unexpected ways if we allow our experiences to shape us.

I am inspired as I watch my beautiful son Elijah grow and change every day. He amazes me with his emotional and cognitive intelligence, humour, unconditional love, and innocence. I am equally and uniquely touched my the love of my life – my soul mate Dale – who has taught me more in the few years we have known each other than anyone else in my entire life. He is the epitome of love, passion, creativity, devotion, and vulnerability, and is the inspiration for a great majority of my poems.

Thank you for reading about life, and usually LOVE, through my eyes. This blog gives me an outlet to articulate what my heart feels and my humble hope is that my writing will entertain and perhaps touch the hearts and souls of a few. Ultimately, my intention is to share the truth about who I am or what I am feeling in a moment and perhaps by doing so, I might discover something new about myself or about life.

3 comments on “About Me

  1. Jessica hello! I’m writing to you from Samos island Greece. My name is Demetra Foustanellas and I am the Convivium leader for Slow Food Samos. I found you through the Canadian Experience Project. I’m originally from Ottawa and plan on being there to visit family for Christmas. If you’d like, perhaps we could meet and talk about traditional recipes. It would be nice to exchange ideas, too. Incidentally I’m also a writer and organize creative workshops. Last Saturday at our October Slow Food event, we baked quince in a traditional wood-burning oven. The quince came from our very own fruit garden. Slow Food Samos co-organized this autumn gathering at a local traditional family-run distillery. We (Slowfood Samos) haven’t got a website yet but we do post our events on Facebook Slowfood Samos if you’d like to have a look.
    Warm regards from Greece!

  2. You’ve blown me away. Thanks.

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