Only Tomorrows

Hold me to your chest,

Erode away yesterdays

With the winds of change.


Breathe life in my ears,

Exchanged for sighs of distress

That used to burden.


On sturdy shoulders

You carry away the pain;

The wisdom survives.


In your acceptance

Only our love matters now;

Only tomorrows.



Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

5 comments on “Only Tomorrows

  1. Dale says:

    In you and your love I feel a past that has given me the most beautiful present I could ever imagine… a future spent with you being loved by you. I adore you. Thank you for taking my breath away ….

  2. nono says:

    Beautiful, really really Beautiful.

  3. jannyK says:

    Happy birthday, Dale! I’m so very happy for you both ❤

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