Angel Incarnate


Dear angel incarnate,


Your omnipresent love

Is the wind at my back

And the sun on my cheeks.


Your unfailing devotion

Lifts me above adversity

And fills me with courage.


Your fierce protection

Shelters me from harm

And fills me with confidence.


Your tireless energy

Provides fuel for my tank

And exhilarates my soul.


Your beautiful spirit

Foretells a life of tenderness

And adoration untold.


Your delicate heart

Opens in vulnerability…

….and is safe in my embrace.

Only Tomorrows

Hold me to your chest,

Erode away yesterdays

With the winds of change.


Breathe life in my ears,

Exchanged for sighs of distress

That used to burden.


On sturdy shoulders

You carry away the pain;

The wisdom survives.


In your acceptance

Only our love matters now;

Only tomorrows.



Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Pressed in Shadows

Press into me in the shadows,
Present and everywhere.
Knit yourself with me,
Limb in limb.

I inhale you into me,
Closer still, imprinting.
Leaving your mark on my spirit,
Compelling my body to cry out.

Rake your fingers into my flesh
To indicate your craving.
Pleasure and pain,
In perfect balance.

I taste us on my tongue;
You’ll stay with me there.
Let’s just dwell here,
Shape the past in shadows.