Shadow of Your Heart

Stroke me with your naked love

When no one is around.

Tell me with your spirit’s voice

What words cannot expound.


Bathe me in your buoyancy,

In heat and tenderness.

Hold me with a lover’s ease

In infinite caress.


Raise me to such ecstasy

My body floats above.

Dance me to the rhythm of

Your heart’s resplendent love.


Reveal me in my candidness

When hearts and minds converge.

Know me in the words I speak

Of hopes and dreams submerged.


Find me indeterminate,

Yet patient, lithe and keen.

Place me in the moments which

Are captured in between.


Hide me in your lightness,

And the shadow of your heart.

Enfold me in your sleeping arms

At night, when we’re apart.

Days Erupt

A glistening pearl aroused by your state
Sits atop the hardness it escaped.
And poised in wait for me to taste,
I salivate, anticipate.
And pushed to limits, patience wanes,
I dive towards you and satiate….
…. And in the instant, days erupt
Filling you with stowed desire;
A volcano of liquid burst afire.


I sit in bath poured hot, lavender infused,
Savouring a deserved pause.
I watch snowflakes flitter to their soft resting place.
Glistening; I am illuminated only by streetlight.

I close my eyes and imagine your kiss;
Cool against my hot lips, so thirsty.
You are omnipresent in my life,
Though you bathe me in uncertainty.