A Momentous Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. This year has been a momentous one, filled with both difficulty and great blessings. It has been a year filled with every emotion imaginable, and also a great year of growth and change for me. Most importantly, it has been a year filled with new and wonderful relationships, as well as the ongoing growth and fullness of old ones. I am blessed to have many incredible people in my life, and also to have found the medium of blogging through one of those special people.

Blogging has been more of my artist’s palette than a place to really blog in the traditional sense. Most of my writings are not commentary, but I feel it well represents a unique moment in time in my life and in my heart, each time a new post is produced. I never force my writing – it flows and I write it down. I have also enjoyed reading some of the other blogs on WordPress, and have been amazed at the boundless ideas and themes people have chosen, as well as the immense skill out there in the world of writing.

Of course, thank you to all of you who read my writing. Most of you are strangers to me in ‘real life’ but I am most grateful that you are interested and often like what I have shared. You see glimpses into my heart and soul that many who know me personally don’t ever get to see. In addition to being a creative outlet, writing allows me to see my raw emotion before me, to process it, and to recognize that in every moment of life, there is truly a bright side and an opportunity to be seized.

I hope this blog will continue to be a source of inspiration and creative outpouring for me over the coming years, and that perhaps it may touch some of you in the process.