Days Erupt

A glistening pearl aroused by your state
Sits atop the hardness it escaped.
And poised in wait for me to taste,
I salivate, anticipate.
And pushed to limits, patience wanes,
I dive towards you and satiate….
…. And in the instant, days erupt
Filling you with stowed desire;
A volcano of liquid burst afire.


I’m addicted to you;
Trounced by an enigma.
I’m consumed by my weakness,
Overcome by rampant desires,
Propelled by perplexing contradictions.

You’re my muse;
Magnetized despite impossibilities.
I’m tempted by your furtiveness,
Drawn by your exquisite humanity,
Charmed by perfect imperfections.

I’m provoked to creativity;
Satiated in my deepest cravings.
I’m gripped by your intensity,
Thrown into our penetrating union,
Seized by the intrigue of the infinite.