Need (A Poem of Provision)

See me.

In my eyes, I am confident.

Touch me.

In my hands, I am capable.

Hold me.

In my choices, I am secure.

Need me.

In my alacrity, I am enough.

Adore me.

In my world, I am special.

Love me.

In my heart, I am worthy.

Tell me.

In words, I trust.


Inside Out

I sense you, long to know you.
Patient discovery opens glimpses of your heart
Revealing goodness, misunderstood.
You thrill me, awaken me,
As we journey from the inside-out.
The raw core is warm, inviting, tender.

Unhurriedly, deliberately, layers are stripped.
Nuances and needs uncovered.
We need not forfeit our deepest necessities
Or compromise absolute joy.
Expose me: you will see.
Expose yourself: you will be free.