Love Absolute

Love, absolute
Bears beauty in creation,
Fired in a kiln of passion.
It is formed by the hands of lovers
Like a potter’s masterpiece
Made perfect by its exquisite flaws.

Love, Absolute
Swaths us in sunbeams,
Coddles our hearts tenderly.
It is held by the arms of partners
Like a baby swaddled in blankets
And made safe in the bosom of love.

Love, Absolute
Reveals the path to wholeness
In the sum of our great parts.
It is sewn together by the minds of darlings
Like a vast puzzle once bewildering
Made complete by destiny’s union.

Moments eternal

Memories of silk and lace,
Sunshine warming hearts,
A covenant of love,
And hope that sprang eternal.

Clinging to trust and safety
The desire for something more,
A promise of change,
And a heart of rooms unfurnished.

Illusions of need and yearning,
The immutable pain of longing,
A union superficial,
And moments suspended in time.