A Man, Unalike

Loveliness, robust,
A beauty so strong,
Inexhaustible vessel
Of art and of song.

Hope formidable,
A vision sanguine,
Devotion unshakeable,
Tenderness unseen.

Generous lover,
Instinctively warm,
Protector and nurturer
Of future transformed.

A man unalike,
None other could be
My partner, unexpected,
Created for me.

Silver and Honey

You’re so splendid.
Perfectly put together.
All or nothing,
And only the best.

Silver and honey.
Taste impeccable.
Deep and skillful,
Yet unrecognized.

Dreams and torture.
Nights spent turning.
Your name on my lips,
And an aftertaste.

Near but so far.
Impossibly joined.
Silver and honey,
Forever desired.