I thirst.
Fine beads of sweat summon;
Salty, mineral, natural.
Taken on my tongue with fervor,
They provide only temporary satiety
Like a paradisiacal mirage.

I long to sip from your corporeal drink;
The liqueur of your body’s desire,
The deep pools of your musk.
I dream of a beautiful paradox:
All-encompassing fulfillment,
Yet unquenchable thirst.

Speak the Extraordinary

The desires of your heart unfettered,
And know that you are safe
As I hear with all of my being.

To understand me,
And believe that my affections are true
While my fear is real yet surmountable.

The fullness of my presence,
And realize that my longings are unfeigned
Though they may be yet unspoken.

Let us search the panorama,
And recognize our innate connection
With the potential for life extraordinary.

Beautiful Prisoner

I’m a prisoner within my own mind.
A hostage inside my own body.
Dreams and sentiments, unexpressed
Create glorious tension.

Capable of absolute power,
You’re unaware of your superlative influence.
Inadvertently, you make me want you…
Discernment supervened by thirst.

Tomorrow the Same

Every time, I promise…
This day will be different.
But I get pulled in once more.
I try for awhile to pretend.
But there you are again,
Ubiquitous and surreal.
Am I losing my mind?
I’m surely puzzled.
You are my remedy,
Give me life and hope.
In my dreams I love you,
Deeply, unswerving, reciprocal.
But those are only dreams.
I promise….
Tomorrow will be different.

Sweet Dreams

In the night I dreamt of you – so soft, so tender.
In the night you were in my arms – so real, so divine.
In the night I caressed your neck – so gentle, so tangible.
In the night our lips met – so pure, so idyllic.
In the night your scent was imprinted – so virile, so sweet.
In the night we were as one – so magnificent, so complete.
In the morning you still linger – so illusory, so poignant.

Silver and Honey

You’re so splendid.
Perfectly put together.
All or nothing,
And only the best.

Silver and honey.
Taste impeccable.
Deep and skillful,
Yet unrecognized.

Dreams and torture.
Nights spent turning.
Your name on my lips,
And an aftertaste.

Near but so far.
Impossibly joined.
Silver and honey,
Forever desired.