Fool’s Dance

I dance this fool’s dance,
Against my better judgment,
Like a death wish,
Feet on the edge of a cliff.
Abandoned in my entirety,
Careless of the consequences,
This feels so good,
Plunging towards you in my mind.
Pedal to the floor,
Racing towards uncertainty,
Wayward in my direction,
Certain of my desired destination.
I want to stop thinking,
Act like the world is ending,
Like the sky is set on fire,
Keep dancing this fool’s dance.



I lost myself

In the power of your eyes…

Your relentless magnetism lures me.


I surrendered myself

To the authority of your body…

The force of your drive draws me deep.


I abandoned myself

In the labyrinth of your heart…

Your elusiveness has me bewildered.


I found myself

In the profundity of your soul…

The depth of your core grants me refuge.

You live in me


You took up residence in my mind,

Now you’re with me all the time.

I wrestle with you living there,

Sensations I can hardly bear.


I find I cannot sleep at night,

I toss and turn, I try to fight.

I finally sleep; you’re in my dreams,

I wake to feeling deeply pleased.


I realize you’re there for good,

You’ve touched my soul and womanhood.

Truth is, I kind of like you here,

For now I know you’re always near.