Threshold of Years

Your delicate heart
Thumps stalwartly
The tempo of our gait;
Hiking abreast
We traverse the hills
Of the state of love.

Your radiant smile,
Illuminates brightly
The journey of our love;
Whispering gently,
You reveal the path
That leads us home.

Your sentient wisdom
Discerns assuredly
Which doors to open;
Uplifting me softly,
You carry me over
The threshold of years.


I hear the sound of whistling winds,
That wander athwart snowy hills;
From you to me, adjoining souls,
They sing the song of lifetimes joined.

Affections gust on lively breeze,
Across the valleys, hear my heart;
The echo of your whispering love,
Meets mine and thaws us from afar.

Across the distance, minds converge,
In yearning we unite once more;
We push and pull to confluence,
And join our lives in renascence.


You confound me.
Changeable and unpredictable.
I stand transfixed and yet bewildered.
Chaotic in my perception of you:
Complex and impenetrable.
Waiting, with bated breath,
For further signs and wonders.

You pierce me.
Mysterious profundity and passion.
You draw me nearer, day after day.
Firm in your resolve to have me:
With intimacy, intensity, connection.
And then, days pass
With distance like a thousand miles.

As surely as my heart beats for life,
It beats raptly for you also.
I waver not in my love for you.
I question your objectives:
Be they noble and alike?
I suffer profoundly,
And yet can’t turn away.

Speak the Extraordinary

The desires of your heart unfettered,
And know that you are safe
As I hear with all of my being.

To understand me,
And believe that my affections are true
While my fear is real yet surmountable.

The fullness of my presence,
And realize that my longings are unfeigned
Though they may be yet unspoken.

Let us search the panorama,
And recognize our innate connection
With the potential for life extraordinary.