Need (A Poem of Provision)

See me.

In my eyes, I am confident.

Touch me.

In my hands, I am capable.

Hold me.

In my choices, I am secure.

Need me.

In my alacrity, I am enough.

Adore me.

In my world, I am special.

Love me.

In my heart, I am worthy.

Tell me.

In words, I trust.


I thirst.
Fine beads of sweat summon;
Salty, mineral, natural.
Taken on my tongue with fervor,
They provide only temporary satiety
Like a paradisiacal mirage.

I long to sip from your corporeal drink;
The liqueur of your body’s desire,
The deep pools of your musk.
I dream of a beautiful paradox:
All-encompassing fulfillment,
Yet unquenchable thirst.