Pressed in Shadows

Press into me in the shadows,
Present and everywhere.
Knit yourself with me,
Limb in limb.

I inhale you into me,
Closer still, imprinting.
Leaving your mark on my spirit,
Compelling my body to cry out.

Rake your fingers into my flesh
To indicate your craving.
Pleasure and pain,
In perfect balance.

I taste us on my tongue;
You’ll stay with me there.
Let’s just dwell here,
Shape the past in shadows.

In Dreams Unfolded

A silk cocoon envelops lace,

Which holds me deep in your embrace,

And whisks away without a trace,

To paradise I need not chase

In dreams unfolded.


And in the instants that we share,

As kisses wrap and hold us there,

The waters warm our bodies fair;

I live those moments, as they bear

Our dreams unfolded.



Be my hideaway.

When rain descends and soaks my feet,

Light my soul on fire and warm me from inside.

Let’s burn together.


Be my hideaway.

When dreams are all I hold and spirit falls,

Light my soul on fire and fuel our reverie.

Let’s rise together.


Be my hideaway.

When delight abounds I want to shelter it,

Light my soul on fire and I’ll light yours.

Let’s hide together.


Whisper sweet nothings with hot breath,

Deliver me a honeyed chorus

Of inspiration to my mind’s eye.

Yearnings evoked, wishes granted.

Observe me; I shudder with delight,

While soft fingertips amuse,

And create heat that melts inhibitions.

Passions provoked, creativity enhanced.

Hear me inhale and take you in,

Fragrance with impressive influence

Provokes memories that permeate me.

Imagination imbued, arousal infused.