In Dreams Unfolded

A silk cocoon envelops lace,

Which holds me deep in your embrace,

And whisks away without a trace,

To paradise I need not chase

In dreams unfolded.


And in the instants that we share,

As kisses wrap and hold us there,

The waters warm our bodies fair;

I live those moments, as they bear

Our dreams unfolded.


For a past with a different future.
For decisions that come easily.
For balance and harmony.
An unrealistic result.
For understanding without judgment.
Apologies come too late.
Regrets serve no one.
With a desire to acquire wisdom.
The opportunity in pain.
The many joys and pleasures.
The panoramic potential.

A Dream’s Dream

Intro: Last night I experienced a first: A dream within a dream. It was pretty awesome. The vivid imagery of my dreams inspired this poetic recounting of what felt like such a real experience. I will leave it at that, without explication of the meaning….

I walk lightly through perpetual fields,
And wheat beards caress my cheeks.
Overwhelmed by a sea of gold,
And the sweet smell of the countryside.
The sunlight forms a silvery halo
Around thin grey wisps of cloud
Which texturize the azure sky.
Exultantly free, perfectly silent,
I lie down to rest.
I close my eyes, and begin to dream…

In the far off distance, you are there,
Unaware of my presence or my gaze.
Looking out at the cerulean glacial lake,
Contrasted by majestic mountain peaks,
Separated only by immortal evergreens
That reach tenaciously for the Heavens.
Miles exist between us and yet there’s closeness,
A comforting knowledge in each of us
That great distances are bridged by love.

I awaken to my reality,
Peacefully astonished by my dream’s dream.

Sweet Dreams

In the night I dreamt of you – so soft, so tender.
In the night you were in my arms – so real, so divine.
In the night I caressed your neck – so gentle, so tangible.
In the night our lips met – so pure, so idyllic.
In the night your scent was imprinted – so virile, so sweet.
In the night we were as one – so magnificent, so complete.
In the morning you still linger – so illusory, so poignant.