You confound me.
Changeable and unpredictable.
I stand transfixed and yet bewildered.
Chaotic in my perception of you:
Complex and impenetrable.
Waiting, with bated breath,
For further signs and wonders.

You pierce me.
Mysterious profundity and passion.
You draw me nearer, day after day.
Firm in your resolve to have me:
With intimacy, intensity, connection.
And then, days pass
With distance like a thousand miles.

As surely as my heart beats for life,
It beats raptly for you also.
I waver not in my love for you.
I question your objectives:
Be they noble and alike?
I suffer profoundly,
And yet can’t turn away.

Distant Friend (For Deanne)

Hearts reconnect in friendships sound.
Evoke memories, reminiscent of days passed.
Rouse laughter, camaraderie in earnest.
Full bellies and raised glasses
Further join the love of faithful friends.

Tears of mixed emotions:
Sincere fondness and joy in reunion,
Heartfelt sorrow in parting.
The strange space of time and distance
Detracts not from the true bond of friends.