Childhood’s Splendor

Being – in its purest form,
Flowing innocence, unblemished.
Unearthing life’s magnificence
Through fearless encounters,
Sheltered by unseen arms that embrace and guard.
Love supreme and unconditional,
Hearts bursting but unbroken,
Preserved in childhood’s splendor.

Of Space and Time

Of space and time I dreamt,
Clinging to fantasies
Of solitude and calm.

Freedom abounds here:
Inside a peaceful mind.
I shine a bright light on life.

A long walk of discovery
Started afresh that day.
Paths carefully chosen.

Build Me a Bridge

Build me a bridge.
Construct it of stone and steel
And let it seal the aperture of understanding.
Photographs of distant pasts and probable futures
Exist in our intellects.
Might there be grand likeness or abundant disparity?
Let your bridge lead me to whichever truth.
Fissures and hollows left by realities lived,
Have molded us each; I am unafraid.
Unspoken ties and undiscovered parallels
Foretell of unusual rapture and abundance.
Great courage, discovery, adventure
Lead to unfathomable love, sensation, art.

How will you ever know?