Inside Out

I sense you, long to know you.
Patient discovery opens glimpses of your heart
Revealing goodness, misunderstood.
You thrill me, awaken me,
As we journey from the inside-out.
The raw core is warm, inviting, tender.

Unhurriedly, deliberately, layers are stripped.
Nuances and needs uncovered.
We need not forfeit our deepest necessities
Or compromise absolute joy.
Expose me: you will see.
Expose yourself: you will be free.

La tempête

This is my 4am attempt at poetry in French. Simple for certain. I’m sorry if you don’t understand French but I won’t be offended if you have to translate it to enjoy it. I’m sure this won’t become a regular practice.

Je suis comme une tempête;
Une tempête de la meilleure espèce.
Au cœur, je suis calme,
Ciel clair et basse pression.
Le vent cercle autour de moi et
Je le ressens intensément.
Je vois l’action cyclonique,
Mais je me tiens fermement.