Inside Out

I sense you, long to know you.
Patient discovery opens glimpses of your heart
Revealing goodness, misunderstood.
You thrill me, awaken me,
As we journey from the inside-out.
The raw core is warm, inviting, tender.

Unhurriedly, deliberately, layers are stripped.
Nuances and needs uncovered.
We need not forfeit our deepest necessities
Or compromise absolute joy.
Expose me: you will see.
Expose yourself: you will be free.

Set Alight

Air electrified by currents unseen.
Sparks catch a lone fiber
And activate an unstoppable reaction.
Worlds set alight;
Chemical, primal, inescapable.

Glowing hot embers below,
Sizzle, hiss, pop.
Unbearable heat, raging.
Flames reach above heads,
Untamed and breathtaking,
Coerce thirsty bodies and souls.