A Man, Unalike

Loveliness, robust,
A beauty so strong,
Inexhaustible vessel
Of art and of song.

Hope formidable,
A vision sanguine,
Devotion unshakeable,
Tenderness unseen.

Generous lover,
Instinctively warm,
Protector and nurturer
Of future transformed.

A man unalike,
None other could be
My partner, unexpected,
Created for me.

3 comments on “A Man, Unalike

  1. Arthur says:

    My first reaction is that whoever the subject of your poem, this “man” is exceptionally lucky to have such beautiful words crafted about your love and adoration. I know this is a ‘creative’ piece and could be about anyone — and that readers have a tendency to project words onto the author — but the sincerity of the words is so clearly articulated that all I can read and hear the ‘narrators’ incredible love and the purity and genuineness of the appreciation for their “man.” In short, it reads like a real and most incredible love, both that he shares and which is seen and revered. A love “unalike” any indeed ….

    • Thank you Arthur, for your thoughtful and reflective feedback that makes me blush and helps me see my words are delivering what I intend. These comments make writing even more poignant and worthwhile for me.

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    Such a beautiful and eloquent tribute to I assume your fiancé! Wonderful to have a partner one can feel so cared for and loved in the truest sense.

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