Need (A Poem of Provision)

See me.

In my eyes, I am confident.

Touch me.

In my hands, I am capable.

Hold me.

In my choices, I am secure.

Need me.

In my alacrity, I am enough.

Adore me.

In my world, I am special.

Love me.

In my heart, I am worthy.

Tell me.

In words, I trust.

4 comments on “Need (A Poem of Provision)

  1. nono says:

    Amazingly powerful! Thank you, Jessica!

  2. Arthur says:

    This is one of your best pieces I’ve read. There is a lot ‘working’ right in it. The power comes from the structure and the call/answer repetition throughout. Perfect in rhythm, it is defining and personal. What I especially like is the almost uncomfortable contradiction between the strong assertiveness of answer and the plea of the ‘call’ that follows ….

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