Of snowflakes and human beings

Yesterday, I took a photo of the frozen ice and snow crystals on my car. It was magnificent. I’ve posted the photo below.

I analyzed this as I drove. How perfect conditions must be as they come together to produce such beautiful patterns, perfect in their loveliness but also in their randomness. If not one snowflake is the same as another, how mind-bogglingly infinite are the possibilities of what can be produced by the frozen water molecules we so take for granted. And, while some of us who appreciate nature stop to enjoy such physical manifestations of its complexity, we forget that human beings are even more amazing. Though we try our best to be like others, we are not. Each of us is unique – our DNA, the physiological manifestation of this genetic expression, our personalities, our creativity, our feelings, our totality. How perfect are circumstances that made you, made me, just the way we are and still, with the capacity to grow and change, unlike the snowflake that just is. Oh God, we are so beautiful.


2 comments on “Of snowflakes and human beings

  1. Connie H says:

    Such a cool photo 🙂

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