You live in me


You took up residence in my mind,

Now you’re with me all the time.

I wrestle with you living there,

Sensations I can hardly bear.


I find I cannot sleep at night,

I toss and turn, I try to fight.

I finally sleep; you’re in my dreams,

I wake to feeling deeply pleased.


I realize you’re there for good,

You’ve touched my soul and womanhood.

Truth is, I kind of like you here,

For now I know you’re always near.

3 comments on “You live in me

  1. Mike says:

    I mourn the scarcity of structured, rhyming, rhythmic poems and am particularly glad to find you. I enjoyed this piece for the stated reasons and for the deeply personal phrasing and exposition. I sense a great honesty also. Very well done.

  2. Simi K. Rao says:

    Beautifully simple. Thank you.

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