Blogging? What’s blogging?

I suppose blogging serves unique purposes for different people. Sure, I am using a Google tool and ready-made templates to create an online space similar to those of millions of other people. I have no interest in building websites, using html code, or anything of the kind. I see this as an outlet for writing what could be my deepest, or conversely my most superficial, thoughts and feelings. I have to admit that the endless possibilities have me feeling giddy.

It’s a strange feeling to get back to writing; what used to be pen and paper is now keyboard and mouse. Though I’m certainly technologically capable, I’m intellectually confused. Because of my upbringing, early academic environment and possibly a wacky genetic make-up, I’m still trying to bridge the gap between books and e-readers; cursive writing and Times New Roman; personal journals and blogs. It has been a few years since I’ve written anything except professional and academic documents, emails, and a hand-written journal, so please bear with me.

As a very young woman, I wrote a lot of poetry. Most of it was dark and depressing, which didn’t actually reflect my inner reality. Rather it highlighted my love of the dramatic arts, because I was taking on characters. It upset and confused my parents, to be sure, but my father was somewhat understanding since he, too, was a writer. I will try to dig out some of my poetry and post it when I can. Perhaps I’ll even write something new….

Since I like talking (about nearly any subject), it’s no surprise that the idea of blogging intrigued me. This may not be one of my most endearing qualities, but it’s part of who I am. The beauty of a blog is that, as a reader, you can stop any time and you don’t have to feel as if you’ll offend me.

I really have no idea where this will lead, what I will write about, and who I might offend. I imagine I’ll start by divulging personal information about myself that nobody really needs to know.

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